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H2NS Environmental Inc was formed in 1994. The founders of H2NS are the previous founders of Odessa Engineering.

Early on, H2NS Inc. was contacted by many Odessa Engineering clients in order to obtain support for their Odessa Hardware and software. Through word of mouth we built a reputation of rapid response with reasonable rates and soon had a respectable customer base. We performed system expansion and upgrades on existing Odessa systems. The original designers of the Odessa data logger, the DSM series, set out on a quest to design and produce a data acquisition unit capable to meet today’s
challenges and flexible enough to meet the unknown after Y2K.

The environmental instrumentation manufacturers of today have harnessed the power of a central processing unit (CPU) and imbedded it into their instrumentation. This modernization produced features previously unavailable to an operator. Now diagnostics could be run over a serial port, set-up or set-up changes made with a keystroke, digitized data was available for direct download into a database. However, there was one drawback. All manufacturers had different protocols, hence the digital data download could not be automated.

H2NS Inc. recognized this sign of the future and began designing a data acquisition device with the capability of communicating with an array of manufacturers instrumentation and combining that data into a common database. This concept also allowed operators, at a remote location, to communicate with an individual instrument to perform diagnostics and routine “state-of-health checks. The capability to perform this type of testing led to “Predictive Maintenance”, where an operator could envision a failing instrument component, perform maintenance and restore the instrument before it failed completely.
While connected the CPP-4794, data collection continues uninterrupted while an operator is exercising inherent features of an instrument. As not all users had 100% new-smart instrumentation but rather a mixture of old and new so we implemented an analog front end for the CPP-4794 in order to maintain
backward compatibility.

Our software package, DataLink/AQM is intended for the ambient market. It can be used to monitor a process, where rapid data sampling and graphical presentation is required. The plus feature of DataLink is that it will communicate with Odessa data loggers. this provides a cost savings to clients because the data acquisition units do not need to be replaced. The DSM is not leap year compliant (2004). Another plus benefit of DataLink is that when and if the DSM becomes insupportable, it can be replaced by the CPP-4794. This replacement is transparent to DataLink.

To download a Powerpoint presentation with more information, please click here.