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H2NS Application Notes

Those Technical Notes referring to Individual Manufacturers and give important Information on the Serial Interface between that manufacturer and H2NS Products. They are provided in PDF format.

AN_API - Interfacing to Teledyne/Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
AN_CLI - Interfacing to Climatronics Tacmet series Weather Stations
AN_DMI - Interfacing to the H2NS Direct Met Interface
AN_DSM - The H2NS DSM (Odessa) Look-Alike
AN_ENV - Environics, Serially Controlled Calibrations
AN_LIS - Interfacing to Liston Scientific Enviromax 2010
AN_MLB - Interfacing to Teledyane/Monitor Labs Instrumentation
AN_R&P - Interfacing to Rupprechet & Patashnick Particulate Samplers
AN_RWS - Interfacing to the RainWise Model 1010CC Weather Station
AN_SEM - Interfacing to Siemens Instruments Using ELAN Protocol
AN_TCI - Interfacing to Temet Calcmet
AN_TEC - Interfacing to Thermo Environmental Instruments
AN_VAS - Interfacing To Vaisala’s Line of Instrumentation
AN_ETH - Checkout procedures for the CPP Ethernet Interface
AN_JUL - Interfacing with the Julabo Heating Immersion Circulator
AN_MID - Interfacing to a MIDAC FTIR Instrument
AN_SER - Using the CPP to perform daily Zero-Span calibrations
AN_CSR - Creating Custom Screens on the front Panel of the CPP
AN_CAI - Interfacing to the California Analytical ZRH Series
AN_AND - Interfacing to the Andersen FH62 C14 Particle Analyzer