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CPP 4794

H2NS Environmental Presents the CPP-4794 - The Next Generation

Serial Data Collection
The CPP-4794 represents the next generation of data logging and offers serial interfacing to instruments as well as supporting the traditional analog approach using an analog to digital converter. Over a single RS-232 cable, the CPP can collect data, status and control the calibrations of connected instrumentation. This approach simplifies wiring, documentation and increases system reliability. In those instruments that support a time/date download, the CPP keeps the entire system time synchronized.

Pass Through to Instruments
The CPP-4794 also offers an unabated pass through mode that allows a user to make a direct connection with an instrument that is connected to the CPP, passing signals through the CPP, unabated. This allows manufacturer supplied diagnostic routines to be conducted on instruments from a remote location, e.g., your facility or even the instrument manufacturer’s facility. The CPP continues to collect data from all other connected instrumentation.

12 Independent Serial Ports
Up to 12 independent serial ports can be installed in the CPP. One serial port is used for an on site operator, another is used to communicate and transfer data to a central polling facility. The remainder of the serial ports can be used to interface to instrumentation. One of the ports can be used to provide a Modbus output from the CPP, or other special protocols, as needed.

Data Storage/Security
The battery backed, internal memory in the CPP can store over 3,000 data values for ten channels. For hourly averages, this translates into 3,000 hours of data for ten channels. However, given all that can happen at a remote location such as power surges, brownouts, lightning, and operator mishaps, the CPP also offers data storage on a 64meg, industrial grade, Compact Flash Memory Card. This provides an additional degree of buffering from circumstances that can affect data collected and stored on site. Years of hourly data can be stored on the Compact Flash Memory Card.

More information is available in PDF format:

CPP-4794 Brochure
CPP 4794 Manual