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Data Acquisition for Environmental Professionals

Operating Systems(s) MS Windows 95,98,ME,2000, XP & NT 4.0
Modes Direct Connect or Modem
Data Retrieval Selectable Inclusive Dates
Data Base Final and Interim (or Preliminary Values)
Data Base Structure *.DBF files (Open in MS Excel, Access)
Data Export Manual or Automatic after a poll
Printed Reports User Configurable Format
Data Back-Up Back up data to a LAN or Archive folder on the polling computer

• Daily Summary, an hourly report for a selected date.
• Aux Report, a report made up from an interim averaging period of the data logger.
• Monthly Detail, a report for a single channel for each hour in a selected month.
• Channels Report, a monthly report of selected channels for each hour of the month.
• Alarm Report, a report of channel value or incident that has been programmed into the data logger.
• Calibration Report, a report of calibration time, expected and actual value achieved.
• Edited Report, a report that incorporates edited data values along with unedited values.
• Monthly Report, a report consisting of daily averages or totals for each day of a selected month.
• Annual Report, a report consisting of monthly averages or totals for a selected year.

Note: DataLink/Lite is a sub-set of DataLink/AQM. DataLink/Lite does not contain any of the automated features of DataLink/AQM such as Automatic Polling, and Automatic Report generation. There are no Graphical Analysis features in DataLink/Lite. There is no viewing of real time data either in trending or tabular mode. There are no “meters” presentation as on DataLink/AQM. DataLink/Lite is a “No Frills” package for manual data recovery, editing and printed reports.

More information is available in PDF format:

DataLink Series Manual